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A synopsis of recent art manifestos

Nov 22, 2000

I leave this compilation uncommented.

@home Com & Com n55 Labin Art Express Icelandic Love Corporation
Goal How can the desire of the individuum for self-determined being, perception and action be perceived, developed, articulated and put into practice through joint collaboration? Work hard for what you want to achieve.   LAE supports thework of individuals or groups thinking that today, art should be young, all-encompasssing, modern, passionate, moral, and sythetical. Take an independent decision. follow us and change your future. the future is beautiful.
Attitude   Have self-confidence. Be positive. Be strong. Most important, enjoy your life and be proud to be an artist!   Young as attitude, not as experience; open and communicative Do you feel bad? You can change that. You are beautiful.
Scope We open the eye for imagination to create our proper utopian home and we want this to be understood as a chance.   Is it possible to imagine art that has nothing to do with other people?
Is it possible to imagine art that has nothing to do with actual situations?

It doesn't make sense to talk about art without imagining people, their behaviour, objects and actual situations.
All-encompassing, artistic, audio-visual and filling the entire space. poetic and magical. We will give you the stars. Fill this thin line with hope and power. Higher beings will bring you the light. Give each other the light.
Work / Approach Here at @home you find working, dreaming, inventing loving, etc. the quality of interaction betwen several individuals is expressed through the shape of furniture, tools objects, rituals and gestures which all in conjunction condense in space.

@home organises itself as a narration of a small group of neo-existentialists searching a path to the golden age, addicted to the fuel of love and tired of empty formulas.
Speak your mind.

Stick to your friends, because artists must stand by each other.
  Synthetic insofar as in combines and synthesises all things mentioned while safeguarding continuity, checking points of reference in the past and inventing new ones for the present time.

This is the kind of art in which we believe unconditionally!
Ethics / Truth Each moment is true. Don't let yourself be put down by anyone. This knowledge enables us to talk about art in a way that is meaningful without admitting a decisive influence of preconceived ideas, social convention an accumulation of power. Moral because of alertness and concientiousness, without ever denying its own knowledge or holding back its energy; truthful in any moment, honest and sincere. We are joined in the power of a wish. close your eyes and wish.
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