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rug no longer in my possession Small Afshar bagface with botehs ("baby")

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Attribution and age

Cute little Afshar bag face with two large botehs, obviously not in the best condition, but charming nevertheless and with very nice, saturated colours. Was probabll made in the last quarter of the 19th century.


Two lage open botehs similar to those found on qashqa'i rugs take central stage in the field, contained by a blue sawtooth frame running around the field. A few rosettes are placed in the corners of the field.

Th esimple border has diagonal stripes in white and dark blue which are filled with small horizontal comb motifs.


The bag measures approx 1ft. x 1ft.9in. (31 x 48 cm). Medium depressed weave, nevertheless very flexible. Warps are off-white wool, thin brown double wefts. The weaving is relatively fine, the horizontal knot count is h.32/10, the vertical knot count is v.39/10, which means roughly 1248 knots/dm2 (or, converted to to inches, h.8,v.10 = ca. 80 kpsi) This results in a V/H ration of 1.2.


A beautiful all-natural palette: madder red dominates, darl and medium blue, a nice orange, brown small amounts of teal green, .


Bad condition, heavy wear, in places down to the ground, sides and ends not complete, a tear at the bottom is roughly fixed with some darning.

More images

All photos are taken outdoors in full sunlight.

Afshar bag face - full view

Afshar bag face - top left corner

Afshar bag face - top right corner

Afshar bag face - bottom right corner (rounded)

Afshar bag face - back

Afshar bag face - tear at bottom end

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