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rug no longer available Kurdish rug, Jaf? Quchan? 19th c.

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A simple but very effective 'Memling gul' repeat design (just a quartered diamond, not a star in each centre) that comes to life through the seemingly arbitrary use of the many different excellent colours. The border system consists of two similar secondary borders showing a row of quartered octagons, the outer on white, and the inner on nicely abrashed blue ground, which frame a relatively narrow main border showing hexagons (or rather diamonds cropped at both sides) with serrated diamonds inside, a motive reminiscent of the kilim technique. (There may be better words to describe this pattern—should I find other examples better described, I will return and correct.)


This may have been woven by Jaf Kurds or Quchan Kurds, the type weave should give a clue but this would need further research.


The rug measures 7ft.7in. x 3ft.8in. (231 x 112 cm). Knots are symmetrical pulled to the left, the weave is semi-depressed (ribbed back), knotting density is 8.v, 5.h = 40 kpsi. Thick 2-ply ivory wool warps, wefts are sinuous but compacted, rose-coloured wool except perhaps a band of about 16 inches of dark brown wool near the top, in some areas both shoots go through the same shed, which means alternate warp spots show slightly—but much less obviously than in a Hamadan weave—, in other parts there are two shoots through alternate sheds, sometimes even three shoots? (It is difficult to see because the weave is so compact). Selvages have uniform medium brown overcast around one thick cord, probably not original. The handle is firm and strong, flexible but not floppy.


Even wear nearly down to knotheads, but no foundation visible. No holes or tears, no stains, discoloration or bleeding. The end kilims may be missing but ends are secured. The whole rug is slightly curved like a question mark, but has no bubbles are tread wear and lies flat on the floor.

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Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? - upper part

Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? - border and field

Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? - field closer

Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? - field view

Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? - pile detail

Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? -  border detail and back

Kurdish rug - jaf or quchan? -  weave detail, back side

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