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rug in my possession Small North-West Persian or Caucasian (Shahsavan) rug

Small Shahsavan pile rug


Rows of offset motifs in random colours against a red background, with a serrated leaf and "wine glass" main border. Note two animals in the inner blue border.


Was in the possession of Walter Brew, Harlekin Thunderstrand (former item number HT227).


An unusual and rare piece dating from the late 19th century. The colouring is subtle and is characteristic of Shahsavan weavings. It was probably woven by a young girl as she needed some time to finally get the main border right and the weave is uneven in density and not particularly straight.. There is a rug with the same field design in David M Reuben, Gols and Guls Figure 7. However this piece has a much more rustic character. He ascribes it to the Caucasus. The wool in this piece is soft and lustrous and is characteristic of the Southern Caucasus/Shahsavan area.

References in Literature: David M Reuben. Gols and Guls.


The rug measures 5ft.7in. x 2ft.3in. (170 x 68cm). Warps are ivory wool, wefts red wool, 2-4 shots. Knots are symmetric, knot density is h7 x v9 = 63 kpsi. The selvedges are flat, 3 cords wrapped in multiple colours.


A beautiful palette of all vegetal dyes. There are twelve colours: dark red, red, salmon, brown, biscuit, dark green, green, light blue, blue, midnight blue, ivory, grey-black.


The rug complete with original ends, partly original sides. The pile is low in the field in places. There has been restoration in the borders and some re-piling in the field.

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